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Watch Metallica Let Loose On New Song ‘Moth Into Flame’

Metallica have started off our day by unleashing yet another new track, Moth Into Flame, which is set to feature on their upcoming album Hardwired…To Self Destruct.

Where as its older sibling and title track released in August was promising, Moth Into Flame is, well, concerning.

Written to a similar pace as Metallica’s classic track Fuel, the song goes right in the same pile as Frantic or Sweet Amber — as in it’s not enough on its own to ruin an album, but we’re still hoping it’s just a red herring while they prepare the real hard-rock anthems for later.

Moth Into Flame is a bit of a well worn concept in the metal community, so much so that even the name feels contrived. The track has James Hetfield doing his best rapid-fire punk rock-eqsue vocals over a surprisingly refreshing and interesting beat from Lars up the back.

The song comes with a performance clip which sure shows that ‘Tallica still got it. Though, the clip features several moths, when the song title would suggest just one.

The song follows from the first single, the album’s title track, which was met with thunderous approval. The track was fast and heavy and not just good because of how bad St. Anger and Death Magnetic were, it was just good. Good enough for our hopes to continue to blindly follow — not unlike this Moth, really.

Stream Moth Into Flame, below.

Watch: Metallica – ‘Moth Into Flame’

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