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Watch Milan Ring Perform SZA ‘Ctrl’ Medley For Triple J Like A Version

Milan Ring was up for this week’s instalment of triple j’s Like A Version. She knew she wanted to share a SZA cover but couldn’t choose, so in stellar fashion, she’s mashed up ‘Love Galore’ and ‘Broken Clocks’.

It features beautiful melodies, a super cool guitar solo, and so many special little details that bring it together.

“I covered SZA because … queen of RnB. Who better to cover? And basically, I couldn’t decide which SZA song to do so I jumped on my little Spanish guitar in my bedroom,” says Milan Ring in her Behind the Like A Version interview.

“I started jamming ‘Love Galore’. I really love the simplicity of those chords.”

“‘Broken Clocks’, I just really love the lyricism and the story. I just realised they work really well together and did a mashup.”

The SZA mashup is absolutely stunning. Catch it down below along with Milan Ring’s original, ‘BS’.

Milan Ring took Jaecy along to take on Che Lingo’s parts of the original. It’s a big ol’ vibe.

This marks her first Like A Version performance but it’s not her first visit to the LAV studio. Ring directed B-Wise’s Like A Version as well as Becca Hatch’s.

You can watch the SZA mashup, the ‘BS’ performance, and Milan Ring’s Behind the Like A Version below.

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