Image: triple j/ Youtube

Watch A Red Hot Chili Peppers Classic Get An RnB Makeover On ‘Like A Version’

Sydney rapper B Wise has stepped into the triple j studios to give the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic track ‘Under The Bridge’ an RnB makeover for Like A Version, while also playing his own funky tune ‘The Key’.

B Wise entered decked out in a Nigerian football jersey and with an accompanying band, who kicked off the track with the classic opening riff and intro, before kicking it up a notch as B Wise dropped some bars over the top (and even name-dropped Sydney instead of “the city of angels”).

It might not be every Chili Peppers’ fan’s cup of tea, but there’s no doubt B Wise took a classic we all know and love and made it his own. He’s seamlessly contributed his own verses to the song, adding more depth and more of his own personal experience to the lyrics.

Watch both of his Like A Version performances below.

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