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Watch Morrissey Slam Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton At His Melbourne Show

Morrissey has a lot of opinions, and if you go to one of his shows you’ve got to expect he’s going to give you some of them.

Before he even touched down in the country for his current Australian tour, which snubs Brisbane and Sydney, Moz accused Australian Border Control of using “ISIS as an excuse to denigrate everyone”, and now live on stage he’s turned his attention once again to the upcoming US election.

Playing at Melbourne’s Festival Hall on Saturday, 22nd October, the former Smiths frontman called Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “two silly people chasing a silly job”.

He then added, “Every step of the way you know they can’t stand the American public.” Catch video of the moment, below.

Funnily enough, Morrissey seems to have a similar view to Trump that the media is rigging the US election. He told the Herald Sun earlier this year after Clinton beat Bernie Sanders to become the Democrats’ candidate, “It is CNN, really, who decide upon the final nominees [for President].

“It is obvious that America as a whole does not want either Thump or Clinton, and the November announcement of the new President will ​be​ a black cloud across America.”

Morrissey played just three Smiths songs during his set at Festival Hall in Melbourne, choosing rather to focus on his most recent solo material including tracks from his last album World Peace Is None Of Your Business.

He’s still yet to play Adelaide, Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle, so there’s surely more Moz spiels to come.

Watch footage of his Clinton and Trump critique, below.

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