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Watch Music Icon Bob Geldof’s Boat Chase A UK MP Down London’s River Thames

If you think the US election has a monopoly on bizarre political standoffs at the moment, you might be surprised that the UK looks to be getting in on the action. It seems our cousins over the pond have also caught a case of the political crazies as tensions surrounding #BREXIT reach new high(seas)s.

Irish music legend Bob Geldof has gone legit pirate on us all, taking to the river Thames to confront his rival, UK PM and pro-EU Leaver Nigel Farage. In noble fashion the two declared their stances.

Farage believes the UK should separate from the EU and is using the EU fishing regulations, which he feels are suffocating the country’s industry, as a reason why. As for Boomtown Rats singer Geldof, well he isn’t having any of it, and flicked him a V to express as much.

Pleasantries aside, the two squared off in what can only be described as the most major UK nautical skirmish since the Battle Of Trafalgar.

In a style that would make both Pirates Of The Caribbean and the Radio pirates from the swingin’ ’60s proud, Geldof blasted Farage and his flotilla of fishing ships with deafening levels of classic UK pop music, according to The Guardian.

At one stage, Geldof, showing less than the nerve of a real hardened seamen (lol), taunted his rival, shouting:

“Here are the facts about fishing. Britain makes more money than any other country in Europe from fishing. Two, Britain has the second largest quota for fishing in Europe after Denmark. Three, Britain has the third largest landings.”

The end left Leavers and Remainers alike drenched. One dude actually boarded HMS Geldof much to the distain of authorities and apparently plenty of people on both sides tried to tap out feeling things may have got a bit too heated.

Attempted Geldof mutineer explained, “these fishermen were working-class people with genuine issues and we didn’t think they should be erased by Bob Geldof”.

Jeez…If only they had the composure and discipline of our politicians.

WATCH: Geldof V. Farage On The Thames

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