Watch Two Pearl Jam Karaoke Champs Sing With Eddie Vedder At A US Festival

Pearl Jam performed at Colorado’s The Ride Festival over the weekend, and boy did they give their fans a show to remember.

Footage has emerged of two local ladies who recently won a Pearl Jam karaoke contest (yes, there was a local Pearl Jam karaoke contest) singing along with frontman Eddy Vedder for the chorus of the track Daughter.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, Vedder supposedly asked the crowd, “Did we hear that there was a singing contest, there was a karaoke contest, who could sing Pearl Jam songs?

“Something happened in town a couple days ago. I wish I would’ve known,” he said. “I truly think, I was talking about it, I think I could’ve placed a strong third. On a good night, before I start drinking. If the winners are here, they should come out.”

Obviously delighted, the young women did, climbing on stage and singing their hearts out.

Vedder was full of surprises on the night, going on to incorporate lyrics from their song W.M.A. at the end of the track, making reference to the gun violence and police shootings which have recently taken place in the US.

Pearl Jam also performed Eddie Vedder’s solo song Society as a full band for the very first time during the set, and also played Angel for the first time since the early ’90s.

Check out the footage of Eddie and his karaoke winners, below.

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