Watch Phoebe Bridgers Perform ‘Kyoto’ On SNL

Phoebe Bridgers has made her debut appearance on SNL, joining Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy for the special to perform her Punisher single ‘Kyoto’.

In a promo for the special, SNL regular, Aidy Bryant says, “This one better be funny guys. Dan, I wanna see big commitment out of you and Phoebe, I expect your songs to be hilarious… Weird Al level.”

“They’re not,” Phoebe replies swiftly.

Phoebe Bridgers and her skeleton onesied-up band deliver a brilliant performance of ‘Kyoto’ for the coveted slot.

She also performed the closing song from her album Punisher, ‘I Know The End’.

The end of the song sees Bridgers go wild and smash the absolute shit out of her guitar. Rock ‘n’ roll babyyyy.

Watch them both down below.

SNL shared a bunch of snippets from the special, including Dan Levy’s monologue. To introduce the episode, he takes the audience on a studio tour.

At one point, he passes a room with a flashing red light behind a plastic barrier.

“That’s Phoebe Bridgers’ [dressing room]. Not going to ask what’s going on in there. Hope everything’s okay. Phoebe, break a leg,” he calls out.

In other Phoebe Bridgers news, a fan recently performed a spot on, preemptive cover of one of her 2023 singles, presumably. Watch it here.

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