Watch Psycho Brendon Urie Star In Every Time I Die’s Tripped-Out New Music Video

UNIFY Gathering 2017 act Every Time I Die have just unleashed a creepo new music video for It Remembers, their latest single off their brand spanker Low Teens, which dropped on Friday.

The heavy riffin’ blues stormer features guest vox from Panic! At The Disco powerhouse Brendon Urie, so it was only appropriate that the US metalcore act recruit him to star in the video as well.

Urie looks utterly psychotic as a bandaged-faced desert stranger who drugs the clip’s protagonist into a trippy Cirque du Soleil-style disco dimension like some kind of syringe-happy Morpheus.

And yes, panic at the disco then ensues.

Watch the video below, and catch Every Time I die when they hit the stage at UNIFY 2017 – as well as venues across the country alongside Letlive. – in January.

With a bit of luck, Urie might even decide to tag along. We can dream.

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