Watch Sampa The Great Perform ‘Freedom’ & ‘Final Form’ At Melbourne’s #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Australian rap icon Sampa The Great has performed two of her 2019 tracks at Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter protest over the weekend.

Sampa – real name Sampa Tembo – spoke at Melbourne’s rally on Saturday, 6th June before performing ‘Freedom’ & ‘Final Form’ from her widely acclaimed 2019 album The Return.

“We stand in solidarity with our First Nations brothers and sisters. We stand in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters in America,” Tembo said.

“We stand in solidarity with our African brothers and sisters on the continent that were stolen and taken to America as slaves.”

“As Africans on the continent, we know how it feels to be under colonial rule as those systems are still the choking us ’til this day. So we stand with all Black people, all over the world, who have one goal: to destroy those colonial systems.”

Watch clips of both of Sampa’s performances below.

Photo: Barun Chatterjee

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