Watch Sesame Street Take On NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series

Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years of being an integral part of many youngsters’ upbringings and heck, they are going hard. This week, Big Bird, Elmo, Grover and the gang hit up the lauded NPR offices to become the latest in their extensive and popular Tiny Desk Concert series.

It’s hard not to crack a smile and remember back to being sat in front of the TV, counting along with Count Von Count.

The 15 minute performance, in front of a crowd of big kids and little ones alike, saw a range of Sesame Street classics performed. From the iconic theme song, to the more-emotional-than-it-should-be ‘What I Am’ and a medley of tunes that really highlights the broad history of influence the children’s show has had globally over the last five decades.

Check out the full video of the Sesame Street Tiny Desk Concert below.

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