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Watch Shocking Footage Of An Uber Driver Being Racially Abused During Justin Bieber’s Perth Concert

An Uber driver has been the victim of a filthy racial attack while waiting to pick up fans at Justin Bieber‘s Perth concert on Monday night.

As 7 News reports, Deep Singh, a man of Indian descent, was parked at a Caltex servo not far from nib Stadium when a random man began racially abusing him and making threats on his life.

Dashcam footage of the vile spray shows the man yelling “get out of our country” and “fuck off back to India” as Singh waited for Bieber’s first Australian Purpose tour gig to wrap up for the night in Highgate.

“I was a bit shocked, the guy came from nowhere and it was totally unprovoked,” 25-year-old Singh tells 7.

Things then escalated, with the video showing the man lashing out at Singh with a walking stick and threatening to “cut his throat”.

“Just like you bleed an animal when you kill it,” the man can be heard yelling at him. “I’ll boot the fuck out of you… And I’ll watch you die.”

It’s stomach-churning viewing to say the least. A member of the public thought so too, and reportedly phoned police after watching the whole thing unfold IRL. But Singh reckons the brass weren’t interested in viewing the dash footage.

A spokesperson from WA Police did tell 7 that officers patrolled the area following the complaint but “could not locate the man”.

Watch footage of the whole thing below (if you can handle it), and if you have any info about the man’s identity you can get in touch with Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s probably not a Bieber fan.

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