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Watch Sia Perform With Kristen Wiig & Other Celebs In One Of The Most Talked-About Sets Of Coachella 2016

Coachella is full on losing its shit over Sia‘s performance on Sunday night.

Maybe it’s because it marked her first proper concert since 2011, or because she trotted out a red carpet full of celebs alongside wunderkind sidekick Maddie Zeigler to help out? Or maybe it’s because it finally gave her the chance to show off just how crazy talented she actually is?

But whatever it was, it worked.

The Aussie paperbag popstar had the whole Coachella crowd – including those watching from home – swinging from the Chandelier with a 13-song set of hits, including plenty of gems off her new This Is Acting LP and a rendition of Rihanna’s Diamonds (which Sia, of course, wrote).

A packed list of allstar guests including SNL comedian-turned-A-lister Kristen Wiig, Little Miss Sunshine actor Paul Dano, stand-up comic Tig Notaro and mainstay Ziegler were all on hand to visualise each performance as well.

Over on the Reddits, one of the current top-trending threads on r/Coachella is titled Sia just gave the concert performance of a generation, with commenters piling praise on the Aussie singer with pithy observations about her dynamite set.

“Redefined what live music is and should be. 60 000 people mesmerized. Bravo and more bravo Sia. Thank you,” one Redditor remarked.

“And then Sia stealthily and quietly put on the best most new set of the weekend. This is amazing.

‘Oh Im just over here, quietly blowing shit up. Dont mind me’,” another commented.

While another simply summed it up as: “Most unique set ever. Holy shit.”

Watch it for yourself below and maybe keep a Kleenex handy in case you need to dab the single lonely tear of #AussiePride that will inevitably come leaking out.

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