Watch Sky Ferreira Shut Down A Sexist Brazilian Talk Show Host

In addition to her roles as singer, songwriter, model, and actress, Sky Ferreira has now proven herself an assassin with a one-liner. The 21-year-old singer shot back at a crude Brazilian talk show host by joking that fans who bought her debut album purely for the artwork were perverts.

During an appearance on popular chat show The Noite, Ferreira found herself having to contend with host Danio Gentili and the numerous advances of her own interpreter. With the language barrier compounding the awkwardness, Gentili addressed the cover of Ferreira’s album Night Time, My Time, which features a semi-nude shot of the singer taken by French filmmaker Gaspar Noé.

“Do you think people like your music because of the songs or because of your tits?” asked Gentili, followed by a rimshot, to which the singer replied, “I’m pretty sure it’s because of my work, but I guess it helps if you’re a pervert.” Ferreira later performed her single, You’re Not The One.

Speaking recently to Music Feeds, Australian DJ Alison Wonderland recounted an experience with a boorish interviewer. “Honestly, you have to be polite when people are interviewing you, and I was just quite taken aback,” she said. “‘I’ve never been out there flaunting my tits or my vagina anywhere, so I don’t know what gave you a reason to talk to me like that,’ you know what I mean?”

“He wasn’t being rude, and I was awkwardly laughing because I don’t think he realised how sexist he was being. He actually sent me an apology later, so all is forgiven,” the I Want U hit-maker continued. “I don’t appreciate people talking to me like that, especially if they are doing it in an interview… fuck that shit, there is way more to me than wondering how you can take me on a date.”

Watch: Sky Ferreira on The Noite 10/06/14

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