Watch Stephen Colbert Hilariously Pick Apart Kanye West’s Debt Problem

Thanks to Kanye West‘s loose fingers on Twitter over the past few weeks he’s been a consistently trending topic, mostly because he revealed he was $53 million in personal debut. Now, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has delivered a brilliant monologue mocking Kanye’s Twitter proclamations.

Labelling him a “rapper/mogul/visionary toddler,” Colbert first took aim at Yeezy asking Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter for a billion dollars.

“I can’t think of a better way to reach out to the founder of Facebook than the one place he’s sure to look – Twitter,” he said, further commenting that Kanye would also be ok with Google’s Larry Page pitching in.

“See Kanye’s not proud, he’ll accept a billion dollars from anyone.”

It seems Kanye wants a billion dollars to action some of the ideas that he has that he put into an organisational chart for his creative agency DONDA, named after his late mother. The chart, which he put together four years ago, as Colbert pointed out, is rather vague, featuring categories like transportation – which simply lists your usual modes of transport like cars, planes, trains and pedal bikes.

There are some genuinely interesting inventions in there though, like the “7 screen movie experience,” which will finally allow Colbert to watch all Fast And The Furious movies at once, or an “emoticon auto correct.” Admittedly, the latter would be quite helpful.

Colbert’s last remark was in regard to Kanye’s tweet, “Ima fix wolves.” Presumably Yeezy was talking about Wolves, the Frank Ocean-featuring track on The Life Of Pablo, but Colbert reckons he was talking about actual, living breathing wolves. He reckons Kanye is looking at “giving them wings and a diamond encrusted head.” Amazing.

Watch the full monologue below and check out Kanye’s Twitter stream if you’re looking to engulf yourself in an endless pit of confusion.

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