The Cure @ Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney 25.07.16 / Photo: Ashley Mar

Watch: The Cure’s Entire Sydney Opera House ‘Disintegration’ Anniversary Show

This week marked the 30th anniversary of The Cure’s album Disintegration. To celebrate, The Cure performed over five nights at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE.

Last night was their final performance in the Opera House. They treated fans to a nostalgic performance with Disintegration in full as well as some never-played-live tracks and rarities.

The entire performance was streamed live on YouTube so you can catch a little bit of the nostalgic magic too. Watch down below.

The Cure was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and have been working on some new music. Robert Smith has described the new stuff as “so dark” and “incredibly intense”.

“The songs are like 10 minutes, 12 minutes long. We recorded 19 songs. So I have no idea what to do now. The others are saying, ‘triple album!’ I’m saying, ‘no let’s not’. I’ll pick six or maybe eight songs and do like a single album,” said Smith

“But I think I will delight our hardcore fans. And probably really, really infuriate everyone else. At my age, I’m still doom and gloom.”

The Cure Vivid LIVE Setlist


Delirious Night

Fear of Ghosts

No Heart


2 Late

Out of Mind



Pictures of You



Last Dance


Fascination Street

Prayers for Rain

The Same Deep Water as You






Three Imaginary Boys

Pirate Ships

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