Watch The Music Video For Budjerah’s New Single ‘Talk’ Feat. MAY-A

Budjerah has teamed up with MAY-A to deliver this 90s nostalgia-soaked RnB bop. It’s called ‘Talk’ and it comes with a super fun music video.

The new track is co-produced by Chris Collins and Matt Corby, frequent collaborator and mate of Budjerah’s.

“’Talk’ came about from a conversation with MAY-A [where] we were just talking about how a lot of people would rather text than call,” said Budjerah, unpacking the new single.

“It’s inspired by the fact that a lot of problems in our lives could be solved by talking openly and honestly, face-to-face, instead of hiding behind screens or lying.”

That idea is echoed through the chorus, “Let’s talk about love / Let’s talk about life / Talk about change Talk about us.

“Let’s talk about fights / Talk about things nobody does / Let’s talk about love.”

“In order for a relationship to thrive you need to be actively listening to each other and explaining how you feel, it doesn’t work if both people aren’t putting the effort in to both talk and listen,” says MAY-A.

“‘You’re always speaking, but I never hear what you’re saying, can you replay it?’” says MAY-A, quoting the song. “Is when someone is avoiding the point and everyone is misunderstood.

“This song is about that moment where you cut all the bullshit and sit someone down, stare them in the face and say ‘let’s talk about this.’

“It doesn’t always have to be a negative thing though. It’s better to talk about the good things, like life, love, change, etc.”

The music video for ‘Talk’ was directed by Courtney Brookes and was filmed in the James Theatre in Dungog, New South Wales.

Watch the video for ‘Talk’ below.

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