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Watch The Video For Masked Wolf’s New Bop ‘Gravity Glidin’

Sydney rapper Masked Wolf has backed up his viral success from ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ with a new single, ‘Gravity Glidin’.

The new single is a punchy bop of a track, building on that catchy songwriting we heard on ‘Astronaut’.

On the new single, Masked Wolf says, “‘Gravity Glidin’ is the response to Astro.”

“Where ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ is about not being where I should be, this song is about me feeling like I’ve found my place and finally gliding through the environment I was born to be in.”

‘Gravity Glidin’ comes with a music video too. Masked Wolf, real name Harry Michael, plays an inmate on a flight.

He ends up having to take over piloting the flight, before jumping out of the plane and free-falling through a storm.

You can watch the music video for the new single down below.

‘Gravity Glidin’ follows up Michael’s 2019 single ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’. Despite the single’s age, it rose to massive fame earlier this year after trending on TikTok.

Since then, Masked Wolf has amassed millions of streams and performed the single on Jimmy Fallon.

We had a chat with the rapper about his success back in April.

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