A Canadian Woman Scared Off A Cougar By Playing Metallica

Music has many effects on many people. It can make us happy, it can make us sad and it can even scare off oncoming predatory animals in the wild, apparently, as that is exactly what Metallica has done for one Canadian woman.

As reported by Kelowna Now, via Consequence Of Sound, Vancouver woman Dee Galant almost had a bit of a nasty run in with a cougar while walking her dog, Murphy, until her quick wits and Metallica came to the rescue.

“It was crouched down, doing that kind of prowl, predator walk that they do — that was when I waved my arms and yelled, ‘Hey, you stop!’ and it did,” she said.

“Initially I wasn’t that scared. I remember thinking, ‘Cool, that’s a cougar,’ and then it was, ‘Why is it still there?’ before turning into, ‘Oh my God, it’s coming toward me, I need to make it stop.’”

Naturally, Galant’s first response was to…play ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ by Metallica?

“I thought it was the noisiest thing on my phone that would probably scare it, that was also the message I wanted to convey to the cougar.”

Well, it bloody worked! The cougar literally ran away as soon as the opening notes played.

“I would love to contact them someday and tell James Hetfield that he saved my life,” Galant said.

In case any cougars manage to make it to Australia later this year, they won’t get very far because Metallica are bringing their incredibly cougar-repellent tunes around the country for a huge tour in October.




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