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Watch Tim Minchin Cover Billie Eilish & Ball Park Music For Special Requestival Like A Version

Tim Minchin delivered the goods for this week’s Like A Version. As part of triple j’s Requestival, the comedian x musician was tasked with recreating listener-requested songs.

At the listeners’ request, Tim covered Billie Eilish’s 2019 hit ‘Bad Guy’. Taking his accordion along, Minchin takes the song through a few different sounds, while testing out his accents. It’s absolute chaos.

We got a Ball Park Music cover too. Minchin joyously tears through the Brisbane band’s ‘Exactly How You Are’, taken from their 2018 album Good Mood.

“It’s just a really good pop song,” says Tim Minchin of the Ball Park track in his Behind the Like A Version.

“It’s really simple but makes a few melody choices that are quirky. Great for harmonies. And, on piano — piano’s the sort of instrument where you’re trapped into various modes. But it’s so fun to find that tempo where you’re just getting to bash it out.”

“Also, just the chorus… The sentiment of the chorus is gorgeous.”

Minchin managed to sneak in covers of BENEE, Coolio, and SIA while in the studio. Head to triple j’s website to listen to them all.

As is custom, Minchin kicked things off with a song of his own. He performed ‘Airport Piano’, taken from his 2020 album Apart Together.

Watch Tim Minchin take on Billie Eilish and Ball Park Music below, along with his ‘Airport Piano’ performance and his Behind the Like A Version interview.

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