Images Via YouTube / Peking Duk

Watch Two Loose Doggos Trip Balls In Peking Duk’s New Video For ‘Stranger’

Peking Duk have unveiled a borking mad new music video for their freshly minted Elliphant collab, Stranger.

In keeping with the song’s title and the pair’s general animal theme, Duk & Elliphant have recruited two dogs to star in the official clip. The pupper pair are out for a night out on the town when they ingest some — uh — questionable water and shit starts to get pretty slizzard.

One of the doggos starts flying through the air like some kind of Doberman supermutt, while his Shih Tzu m8’s face blows up like a bubble, the pair try to bite the moon like a frisbee and then end up getting chased by a squadron of rogue Finding Nemos.

In conclusion, this is one weird AF video.


Watch: Peking Duk – ‘Stranger’ Feat. Elliphant

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