Watch Will.I.Am Drive A Car Through Lasers To Make Music Or Something?

Black Eyed Peas frontman and spinning chair enthusiast Will.I.Am has teamed up with Lexus to recreate a Guitar Hero-esque game app IRL, which produces sounds via giant lasers, cars and unnecessary sunglasses apparently.

Firstly let me just Voice™ my utter disdain that virtuous musical identity and smartwatch mogul Will.I.Am would sell his soul and his integrity for some sweet cash moneys via a branding exercise with a car company. For shame Will, for shame.

Ever on the forefront of unnecessary combinations of technology and music (remember that time he broadcast a song to Mars for literally no reason?) Will’s latest stunt is this bizarre “sound road” where three cars must hit lasers at precise times to recreate his hit (?) song no doubt titled something.

“My voice is being tracked by lasers,” states the rapper and website in the video before demonstrating with a couple of off-key warbles. “I mean, that’s fresh,” he concludes unironically.

Look, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, I don’t really get how it works, let alone why it exists, but it looks pretty nifty I suppose. Plus I am now hunting through my attic to find my old Guitar Hero accessories to bust out Through The Fire and The Flames a few times. Yes, I’m that good.

Watch: Will.I.Am Does A Thing With Cars, Music And Lasers

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