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Wavves to collaborate with Odd Future?

Written by Michael Carr on May 16, 2011

Sunny surf pop enthusiast Wavves, aka Nathan Williams may be collaborating with Odd Future. The rumour comes as Williams releases details of a new EP confirmed to be involving Best Coast and Fucked Up. Williams having added to the initial Tweeted announcement that the release would feature one other contributor that, and I quote, ‘will b bonkers.’

The rumour that this ‘bonkers’ collab will be involving Odd Future is taken from a Tweet from Williams to Odd Future member Hodgy Beats‘ which reads “this OF + WVS shit is gonna be bonkers #real,” and while it’s hardly a press release of direct quote from Hodgy himself, after OF’s Australian tour was first leaked on the back of a few stray Tumblr posts I’m inclined to put great stock in otherwise idle internet chatter in this case.

When you consider how ruthlessly OF have been stalking fame, a move like this makes a lot of sense. Leader Tyler The Creator and fellow member have never been shy about stating their admiration for artists who might be at odds with their in lack of a better term, punk, image. Tyler has never hidden his love of Justin Beiber for instance, and after comments he made in an interview with The Drone such as “I’m after VMAs and Grammy’s, fuck this underground shit,’ collaborating with one of the best reviewed indie acts of recent years seems predictable, inevitable almost.

The whole nature of this rumour and it being leaked reeks of a considered attempt to drum up hype for both Wavves and Odd Future, and while I personally find the prospect of it abhorrent as I love OF and think Wavves sounds like the confused ramblings of a permanent adolescent, lets not be ignorant and say these guys are ‘too real for that shit.’ This is new world marketing at it’s finest.

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