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What So Not & DMA’S Team Up For Thumping New Single ‘The Change’

What So Not has finally broken his year-long hiatus, and is making his return in a big way – teaming up with DMA’S for new banger ‘The Change’.

It’s a sprawling, haunting thumper – reminiscent of electronic music epics from the early 90s – and places DMA’S in a light like you’ve never seen them in before.

What So Not – real name Chris Emerson – explained how the collaboration came about after he met Johnny Took of DMA’S.

“I met Johnny at their studio – a small room next to a noisy inner-city road, above a pub, with no sound insulation. We had (somehow) never met but clicked instantly, discussing life on the road, COVID & found commonality on our all-time favourite artists,” Emerson said.

“The first thing we made is pretty much the track you hear. Johnny liked our little idea so much he decided to get the whole band involved a couple of days later we tracked Tommy (Odell) & brought (Matt) Mason in for some extra pieces. I feel like this record is one the two of us have always wanted to make but never had the right pieces of the puzzle, until now.”

Took echoed these sentiments in a separate statement, writing “Emoh and I had never met before the day of our first session but quickly bonded over synths, production gear, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Underworld.

“Being from such different songwriting worlds really made this a great collaboration for me. Once we got Tommy and Mason on the track after that first day of writing we knew we were onto something special and new for both of us.”

Next month, DMA’S are set to perform a globally-accessible live-streamed gig from Sydney later this month, and will take their 2020 album THE GLOW on a national tour throughout September and October.

Listen to ‘The Change’ below.

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