Will Guns N’ Roses Tour Australia In 2017?

UPDATE 17/08/16: It’s official — Guns N’ Roses have announced a 2017 Australian stadium tour.

UPDATE 15/08/16: A video advertisement promoting a February 2017 Guns N’ Roses Australian tour has now leaked.

UPDATE 15/08/16: A billboard for a Guns N’ Roses show in Melbourne in 2017 has been spotted, with the band still yet to announce an Aussie tour.

ORIGINAL STORY: Well, well, well. You just can’t tell… if the rumours are true.

But there are rumours going around that the (mostly) original Guns N’ Roses lineup are planning an Australian visit for January of 2017.

As Alternative Nation reports, a fan on the MyGNRForum recently claimed that “Fernando” – a member of Gunners’ management company, Team Brazil – gave him the lowdown on the band’s massive world tour plans.

According to old mate, Axl, Slash, Duff & co will kick off the New Year with an Aussie tour in January, followed by Japan in February and then Europe in late 2017.

He even posted a photo of himself hanging out with ‘Nando as evidence that his claims weren’t total BS:


A quick scope at LinkedIn reveals that a man named Fernando Lebeis is indeed a music manager at Team Brazil, while other fan sites list him as the son of Axl Rose’s long time personal assistant, Beta Lebeis.

Here’s a pic from his official Insty too. It’s pretty much defo the same dude:

Which of course proves nothing except that the GNR fanboy was telling the truth about hanging out with him.

But still, it’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of his claims being legit.

The last time that Guns ’N Roses toured Australia with key members Slash, Duff and Axl was 25 freakin’ years ago, and despite widespread scepticism about their reunion dates, the veteran band have consistently blown fans’ minds with their shows, even with Axl sporting a broken foot.

Plus, the whole Axl-fronting-AC/DC thing started out as just a fan rumour on social media, too.

Gunners’ are touring the US across late June, July and August before Axl returns to his aforementioned superstar side project – Acca Dacca – to see out the remainder of their Rock Or Bust world tour dates.

But once those tours wrap up we’re hoping beyond hope there’ll be more news on Guns N’ Roses’ forthcoming Aussie tour plans.


UPDATE 01/08/16: Guns N’ Roses have expanded their reunion tour into 2017.

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