Will.i.am Denies Suing Pharrell Williams, Pharrell Says Otherwise

Will.i.am‘s lawyer Ken Hertz has hit out against claims that the Black Eyed Peas frontman is suing singer Pharrell Williams over a copyright claim, saying that the legal action is simply a “run-of-the-mill trademark procedure”.

Reports broke yesterday of the dispute, with Will saying that Pharrell’s new I Am OTHER brand is too similar to his own I Am creative project. Pharrell called the suit “meritless and ridiculous” and expressed disappointment that Will.i.am had taken legal action rather than talking to him artist to artist.

Will.i.am’s lawyer Hertz responded by releasing a statement, hoping to clear up “misinformation” about the case:

“We own a trademark. They have applied for a trademark. We think their proposed trademark is too close to our registered and common law trademarks. They disagree. We hope to work out a sensible compromise that will allow both parties to move forward without unnecessary acrimony.”

But that’s a bunch of baloney, according to the Get Lucky vocalist. Williams’ attorney Brad Rose denied the denial, saying Will.i.am was only changing his tune due to public backlash against him:

“The plain truth is that Will has obstructed every overture made by Pharrell to amicably resolve this matter and has steadfastly refused to engage in a dialogue. Will and his trademark counsel have instituted no less than eight cases against Pharrell in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and have also threatened on more than one occasion to sue Pharrell for trademark infringement in Federal District Court for damages and an injunction.”

Can’t we just settle this over a nice cup of tea and a Random Access Memories listening, guys? No? Oh well, we guess the facts will have to speak for themselves when this goes to court.

(via Rolling Stone)

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