Will.i.am Files “Meritless And Ridiculous” Lawsuit Against Pharrell Williams

In his latest ‘Will.i.am move’, Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am has pressed for legal action against his contemporary Pharrell Williams. Will has filed a lawsuit after concluding that Williams recently launched creative project I am OTHER is too similarly titled too Will’s own venture I Am.

As both entrepreneurial adventures are gaining considerable momentum in the marketplace, Will.i.am has deemed that the names as “confusingly similar”, further adding to his douchebag image by stating that he has ownership over these particular two words. Hopefully we don’t get sued for using them in this article.

Pharrell has already commented on the lawsuit during an interview with Rolling Stone, labeling the filing as “meritless and ridiculous”. The hotter-than-ever music identity has apparently attempted to contact Will over the issue on a number of occasions but never heard anything back until he received news of the lawsuit.

Will.i.am’s journey towards irrelevance began long ago but it seems he’s not giving up without a fight.

(Via 405)

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