Willie Nelson’s Son NOT Arressted For Drug Possession

Police raided the Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson) tour bus yesterday after a tip off lead them to believe that someone on the bus was carrying drugs. Turns out Nelson’s 22 year old son Lukas was clean.

Lukas Nelson, who is also a musician, and his band were stopped yesterday when local police received a tip that someone on the bus was in possession of some weed. A drug sniffing dog was sent in and caught one band member with a small amount of weed in his possession. He was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Willie Nelson was not so lucky last year when his tour bus was searched by border security. Six ounces of pot was found on his bus, and the 77-year-old was arrested on the spot. Since then, he’s had an ongoing court battle to clear himself, including the chance to sing for his freedom.

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