Winter People win Jager Uprising final

After months of heats and finals, Music Feeds folk-pop favourites Winter People have won the Jager Uprising! This means they receive a $10,000 prize pack which also includes a distribution deal with MGM. Singer Dylan Baskind is full of great ideas for using the prize.

”We’re going to employ an expert on nanotechnology and purchase an assembly lab. After a week of intense rumination we will engineer a small but dedicated army of microscopic robots to break-dance for our entertainment. We are also going to purchase some much-needed gear and instrument repair.”

The group fought off some heavy competition, including One Flew East and The Chevaliers, but finally pulled it together and came out on top. What gave them the edge? Dylan says “We have girls in the band. One of us had a beard at the time. There was some blood, from a thumb cut on a string. Girls, beard and blood… and apparently there was some music, but I could be mistaken.”

Dylan is not the most helpful person to interview. The group is pretty busy at the moment, recording a second EP which should, according to Dylan, be done in a month or two. “We’ve then got shows booked at World Bar, Oxford Art Factory, Beach Road and The Gaelic. After that, I think we’re going to use the prize from Jager to record a long-player album.”

Those breakdancing robots will just have to wait.

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