Images: Third Man Records / Instagram

Wolf Eyes Troll Third Man Records’ Instagram With Bizarre Memes

With their new album I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces now out through Jack White’s Third Man Records, Detroit noise act Wolf Eyes have taken over the label’s Instagram account and trolled its vinyl-loving rock and blues followers with a series of bizarre memes.

Here are just a few of our favourites in all their glorious weirdness, along with some of the public’s priceless but pretty much expected reactions:

Wolf Eyes fanned the flames of outrage, and even reposted some followers’ more hateful comments during their Instagram takeover.

Top troll points definitely go to Wolf Eyes’ brilliant fake out though, which saw them claim to have capitulated to the Third Man followers by restoring guardianship of the account to its former masters…

…before posting this tasty slice of a psych-out and announcing they are “here to stay”.

The best of all the posts, however, has to be their skillful re-purposing of this classic Cher image. Bravo, Wolf Eyes, bravo.

To get the full Wolf Eyes troll experience, head over to the Third Man Instagram and check out the comments.

Wolf Eyes’ new album I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces is out now. Catch album cut Enemy Ladder below.

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