Ya Leil with DJ Gemma – Mardi at The Factory on Valentines Night!

Ya Leil is a new dance party that leaks beyond the edges of the dance floor through the extraordinary sounds of DJ Gemma. Presenting music that spans the depth and breadth of the Arab world, encircled by an enchanting display of visual and sensual delights.

From deep, heavy rhythms to familiar and celebratory traditional songs, DJ Gemma (of Club Arak and Club Kooky fame) unearths diverse and eclectic music from the Arab world that will keep her audience moving inside and out.

With visual and live performance art from local queer Arab artists, Ya Leil invites its audience into a multi-sensory experience of Arab culture from a contemporary, local and queer perspective. Ya Leil offers a vital space for the queer community to share in the creation, expression and exploration of queer Arab imaginations.

DJ Gemma plays music that spans the depths and breadth of the Arab world.

The music brings a celebration with it, a celebration of life where you can’t help but feel happy, this is something Gemma shares with the people around her.

The sounds take you up and drop you from a height, only to bring you back up again. These are circular rhythms, where the music wraps itself around you. These ancient rhythms are so deeply embedded, they are part of the breath, they’re in every pore of the body. These rhythms know who they are.

“I want people to be able to lose themselves in it, it’s about inviting the fire of Arabic music to the dance floor.” – DJ Gemma

DJ Gemma is best known for events including Club Arak (and the Club Arak CD 2006), Club Kooky, Club Bent and Quick and Dirty at Performance Space. She has played at WOMADelaide, Biennale of Sydney, Bellingen Global Music Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Tropical Fruits, Mardi Gras, Queer Screen, Sydney Festival, Midsumma, Feast Festival Adelaide.

She has also provided sounds for the catwalk performance art events including Guillermo Gomez Pena’s Museum of Fetishized Identities and Aerialize’s Walking on Air.

Website http://www.yaleil.com.au

YA LEIL with DJ Gemma

Saturday 14th February 2009

The Factory Theatre from 10pm to late

Tickets $25 Book online www.factorytheatre.com.au or 9550 3666

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