You Can Now Play A Video Game Of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘Californication’

Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ iconic smash ‘Californication’ has been turned into a video game.

Developer Miquel Camps Orteza has turned the song’s vivid lyrics into a fully-playable video game. ‘Californication’ takes its cues from the song’s oddball themes as well as the aesthetic of the official video’s OG Playstation vibes. The seven-level game based on the 1999 hit Orteza explains is his first-ever video game coding experience.

“I wanted to play that game so bad! It’s 2022 and I haven’t seen anyone [make] the game, so I challenged myself to create it. I have selected some epic moments from the video and turned them into 7 levels, each one with different game mechanics. I hope you like this game.”

The game is available to download on both WindowsPC and macOS and is ridiculously fun.  Sadly for licensing reasons doesn’t feature the iconic track. Never fear though, Orteza was smart enough to embed links to listen to ‘Californication’via YouTube into the game though, so with minimal effort, you can cue it up to crank it yourself.

‘Californication’ is the title track from the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s world-conquering seventh studio album.

To play ‘Californication’ the video game head here.

In other RHCP news, the band recently dropped ‘Poster Child’ the second single from their upcoming album, Unlimited Love. ‘Poster Child’ arrived one month after the band’s comeback single, ‘Black Summer’.

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