You Can Now Sign Dave Grohl’s Virtual Leg Cast

As anyone who’s ever broken an arm or a leg can attest, by far the most exciting part of suffering such a traumatic injury is getting to have your cast signed by all of your loveable, douchebag mates (definitely takes some of the sting off all those awkward showers with the Woollies bag).

Dave Grohl is no different to you or I in that respect, except that the Foo Fighters frontman is one of the most famous people in the world and probably has a metric shit ton more mates than all of us combined.

dave grohl meme

Thanks to creative agency EVB and development company BausCode, Foos fans from across the globe can now sign Dave Grohl’s “virtual” leg cast, by tweeting well wishes at a micro-site called SignDavesCast.

As Diffuser reports, about 300 fan scrawlings will even be printed on a flexible cast sleeve, which will then be presented to Grohl as he recovers after having surgery on his busted shank.

The Foo Fighter brought new irony to the lyrics of his hit song Walk while performing it from a wheelchair after breaking his leg in a stage-fall accident at a concert in Sweden.

Despite the gnarliness of the injury, it did not prevent Grohl from finishing the performance. Instead, he soldiered on in a leg cast, like a motherfuckin boss, with a paramedic on hand to keep his snapped leg bone suitably elevated.

“The internet is best when it’s used for good,” said a rep for virtual leg cast masterminds, EVB, in a statement. “Commemorating such a hardcore act as finishing a show with a broken leg felt like just the thing to do with the technology.”

Grohl has since penned a lengthy, heartfelt letter to fans, detailing his injury and apologising for having to pull the pin on a number of Foo Fighters’ European tour dates, including their headlining spot at the Glastonbury Festival, which has since been filled by Florence + The Machine.

You can sign your old pal Dave’s virtual leg cast here.

No dick pics, plz.

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