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Ziggy Alberts Criticised For Seemingly Anti-Vaxx And Anti-5G Lyrics In New Song

Ziggy Alberts recently released his latest single ‘don’t get caught up’ and, after its lyrics circulated internet, he’s now being criticised for allegedly spreading an anti-vaccination message.

The issue was first pointed out by Hayden Davies at Pilerats, who noted that some of the song’s more questionable lyrics include:

“And now they sell immunity too / In pills and pearls and tax/ All our freedoms subdued / Can you believe that we are here still arguing / About the right to choose what we put in our bodies / But you see it’s so easy to do / When bill sells it like its facts /But in fact, it isn’t true”

In addition, the song also references the cost of faster connections, which could be allusion to the anti-5G conspiracy theory that’s been circulating throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Can you tell me / What’s the cost / For faster connection / What’s exactly the rush?”

Now, people on the internet are condemning Alberts for spreading this message.

Alberts has yet to respond to the criticism, although it’s also been pointed out that he has pushed similar messages before.

Upon the song’s release, Alberts said in a press statement that the song is about bringing people together.

“I think it’s easy in these times to distance one another for having different views – when really, everyone’s trying to do the right thing,” he said.

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