Image: Roza Kadi/@rorokadi

Ziggy Alberts Drops New Single ‘Intentions (22)’

Ziggy Alberts is still riding the huge wave of what was a massive 2018 and an even bigger 2019, and now he’s given us even more music for us to sink out teeth into with the release of his new single ‘Intentions (22)’.

Alberts jokes that it’s a “folk/rap” song but it is truthfully a look into the life of Ziggy Alberts as of right now, following his massive success throughout the past 12 months.

“’Intentions’ is, as my friend described it, a point marker track; a ‘this-is-where-I’m-at’ song, and details the last year of my life post-releasing ‘Laps Around The Sun’,” Alberts said in a statement.

“I am continuing to grow as a singer-songwriter. As opposed to sticking to one genre and limiting myself, I’m trying to explore new directions. It was recorded in New York and I’m jestingly describing it as a ‘folk/rap’ song.”

He’ll be taking this new song, and all his biggest beachy hits, on the road through November and December as he is embarking on a truly colossal nationwide tour, playing his biggest venues yet. On top of that, more than half of the dates have already sold out.

Listen to ‘Intentions (22)’ below and check out all Ziggy’s upcoming tour info here.


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