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Ziggy Ramo Has A New Album And Book On The Way Titled ‘Human’

Ziggy Ramo has officially announced his second album, and the release of his first ever non-fiction book, both titled Human.

Human is the follow-up to his 2020 debut Black Thoughts. The new album will be released on his own imprint, Ramo Records, with his book being published by Pantera Press in collaboration with Ramo Family.

The book, in his own words, is “part memoir, part history and part cultural reckoning.”

“Being stuck inside the house has led me to become delusional enough to think that writing a book is a good idea,” Ramo wrote on Instagram.

In a statement, he expressed that his decision to release something across two platforms gives him “the ultimate freedom to present my ideas in a way that is accessible for all”.

“Whether you learn from reading or listening, I want everyone to be able to fully engage with Human.”

“It is not a book of answers. It is not a 10-step plan on how to fix this country. I am not speaking on behalf of anyone. I am simply sharing my lived experience.”

A release date for either part of the project has not been set yet.


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