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Aaron Thomas Releases New Album ‘ Human Patterns’

Australian singer-songwriter Aaron Thomas has released his new album ‘Human Patterns’ on 17th May. 

The album is Aaron Thomas’ first full-length album that he has presented to the world in a decade and talks about the various ups and downs of life, and the moments of reflection that happen between all the chaos of life.

Aaron Thomas – Human Patterns’

Aaron Thomas while describing the album:”This is the album I forced myself to make. The one I worried I wouldn’t get to make. The album of a very stubborn and passionate musician. A kind of record for myself in a lot of ways that kind of embodies my desire to not give up and walk away from music, even when it’s not paying off. And I don’t mean financially.”

He has been making this album for a year and finally thought of releasing it to the world. The album’s songs give away a very wholesome vibe and create an energetic environment. The song of the album titled  ‘Walk on Water’ is a blend of banjo, guitars, tambourine and fiddle and creates a melodious tone that is filled with optimism. 

The other album songs, including ‘Money’, is a little dark and quite chaotic. The track ‘Mouth of the City’, has an amazing guitar part that makes it possible for the base of Aaron’s double vocals to lay.

All songs of the album are equally good and the album is packed with songs that give off varied emotions and feelings, which makes a place in the hearts of the fans. 

‘Human Patterns’ Tracklisting:

  1. Walk on Water
  2. Money
  3. Mouth of the City
  4. Like a Stone
  5. Before I Met You
  6. Long Lost Friend
  7. Bottle of Wine
  8. Spiritual Man
  9. My Brother, My Hill
  10. Your Light
  11. We Both Know (How it Feels)
  12. To My Knees

You can listen to the new album here

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