Transit Transit

Written by Michael Carr

This is what indie pop music ought to sound like. Moving through upbeat krautrock-tinged numbers to minimal pop and beyond to moments that are almost a’capella, Transit, Transit is easily the most sophisticated and enjoyable pop album I’ve heard this year.

The title track opens the record with a calm and airy tone, minimal piano and percussive samples underlying the luscious harmonies of all three band members, with horns being added towards the end as the band channel Takk… era Sigur Rós. Second track Census reels things in a bit, sounding more like their previous album, Future Perfect. They don’t let this sit long as next track Highchair sees the band incorporating influences of dance music and hip hop very subtly into their sound. The album continues like this, with each track offering a new perspective on what the band can do.

While in my opinion there isn’t a bad song on this album, track 5 Spots is definitely a stand out. In the same vein as the title track, Spots uses touches of piano and strings under delicate vocals, the whole song echoing shades of The Beatles. Audience No. 2 is also well worth mentioning, Carla Azar’s stunning drum hooks matched with Greg Edward’s emotive guitar and Eugene Goreshter’s melodic bass lines delivering an infectiously catchy song, that still sounds restrained and never cheap.

Making guitar noise accessible and inventive drumming easily digestible, Transit Transit is like sweet tasting medicine the greater listening public would do well to swallow daily.

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