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mcArtney – Recording in a tunnel

Written by Jason Strange on October 13, 2010

mcArtney are gearing up for a summer full of touring and showcasing tracks of their soon to be released debut record. For a taste of what’s to come, the single Set Your City Alight has been released, along with some newly announced shows. The man behind the band gave Music Feeds a run down on new tunes and also gives us a good piece of advice we could all learn to live by.

MF: What have you been up to lately?

mcA: I’ve been playing heaps of guitar. I’m trying to become a better guitarist, working out Jimi Hendrix’s solos and the guitar solos I didn’t play on my record. HeHe!

MF: Tell us about the new single Set Your City Alight? Where did the idea come from?

mcA: I was driving along a busy, very much update-needed road in Sydney when I stopped first at the lights. In the time it took me to put my automatic car into drive and the hand brake off, someone was already beeping at me!!! So I went home and wrote a song about how people in big cities don’t respect their surroundings. I guess like an Avatar in song.

MF: The debut album is due in November; what can listeners expect?

mcA: A diverse, heartfelt, honest record. Think Jason Mraz meets Bon Iver.

MF: How did you find the recording experience?

mcA: Amazing. I had so much time to focus and reflect. The most amazing part was recording in a tunnel very late one Sunday evening in Newcastle with 2 hours laptop battery.

You can see photos at facebook,com/mcartneymusic. The musicians who played on it were stellar.

MF: What’s your process for writing songs? Do you have a formula or does it vary?

mcA: The idea is to capture the emotion very directly and always have fresh sounding music, something that tickles your ears.

MF: On Twitter you’ve been giving some advice for the lads when it comes to doing something ‘for her’; what’s the best piece of advice you can give?

mcA: Ha-ha! Those are quite classic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek. The best advice for humans is to listen to each other, and not just listen with your ears.

MF: Who is with you in the band while on tour?

mcA: Guitarist Peter Gabrielides; Bassist Brett Adrien; pianist Anthony ‘Torch’ Donlon; and Drummer Luke Robertson. Those guys are mcArtney anyway, not really just a touring band. They’ve invested as much of themselves as I have.

MF: What are the plans over summer?

mcA: Peats Ridge Festival baby!

MF: What are you hoping the big man in the red suit is going to bring you for Christmas?

mcA: A beautiful set of moments spent with my family.

MF: What would be the first song you put onto a mix tape?

mcA: The Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah.

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