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Going Steady with Betty Airs

Written by Vidette Moore on May 6, 2011

Oxford Art Factory have put together another line up of great unknown indie bands including Shakin’ Howls, Betty Airs, Baptism of Uzi (Melb), Peppercorn, Evil J & Saint Cecilia and 6 Noir for Thursday May 12th. For the price of a beer (in fact I think the $5 cover is cheaper than a beer at OAF) you’ll get to check out all of these bands.

Betty Airs are Darren Cross (Gerling), Patrick Mathews (The Vines), Michael Zagoridis and Cristian Campano (Run! Hide!). They describe their sound as frenzied 50’s pop/surf/garage/salsa. If you add to that adjectives like catchy, very danceable and fun then you’d have a very apt description of Betty Airs.

With a band name like Shakin’ Howls you’d expect them to do a lot of shaking and a lot of howling, luckily they do not disappoint they’re audiences. They describe themselves as garage doowoop goodtimes punk, but I think the safest way to actually describe them would be a new awesome garage band who is quickly gaining a reputation for great chaotic live shows. They’re also getting a reputation with heaps of indie cred, so you should check them out sometime soon.

Peppercorn are a real newbie band, this gig being only their 2nd show ever. Seeing as you probably haven’t heard of them before, just imagine if Britpop legends Oasis and Ash had a love child, and that love child was Matt Chapman, and he left Red Riders and formed an awesome new band, then you’d get Peppercorn.

Evil J and Saint Cecilia are Eliza-Jane Barnes and Cecilia Herbert.

After spending the last 4 years writing, recording and touring the world with Liam Finn and Lawrence Arabia, Eliza-Jane Barnes (Evil J) returned to Australia to start her new project with long time friend and former member of Guineafowl, Cecilia Herbert (Saint Cecilia). The result is their debut LP of psychedelic folk titled Strange Beasts.

6Noir cultivate an obscure, sober and powerful psychedelic rock, recalling arrangements from the sixties and seventies, listing influences like Bob Dylan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Black Sabbath.

Baptism of Uzi incorporate various influences such as Neu!, Television and Black Sabbath. Inspired by the drifting lights and skyscrapers, Baptism of Uzi have blazed a trail through the urban sea. Hungry to travel far beyond their home beneath the West Gate Bridge, Baptism of Uzi have insatiably torn through Melbourne’s underground, garnering them shows at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

If like us, you’d prefer to spend your $5 on beer, Music Feeds has got some sweet guest list action sorted, so if you’re keen to join us on the night, send an email with “OAF Betty Airs Guestlist” to before 5pm on the 12th of May and include your full name – places are strictly limited though!*

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