Image for Gold Coast DJ Cuts Up ‘Breaking Bad’ In ‘Heisenberg (Say My Name)’

Gold Coast DJ Cuts Up ‘Breaking Bad’ In ‘Heisenberg (Say My Name)’

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 22, 2013

Breaking Bad has officially made its mark on the trap world today with an offering from Gold Coast DJ/Producer BRCKS titled Heisenberg (Say My Name). The track features all the best one-liners from the hit TV series surrounded by throbbing bass and a poppin’ beat.

Every lyric in the track is actually a soundbite from the series. From the introduction from Jesse Pinkman’s voicemail message “Yo yo yo. 1-4-8. 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9. Representing the ABQ. What up biiiiiiyotch?” to some of Badger’s classic moments to Walt White’s ominous “You’re goddamn right!”, all your favourites are in there.

Since returning with the final half of its 5th season, Breaking Bad has penetrated the zeitgeist at a Game Of Thrones levels, so to get a hold this gem before production company AMC have their way with it, head over to BRCK’s official Facebook page.

Listen: BRCKS – Heisenberg (Say My Name)

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