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Just How Badly Have You Ruined Your Hearing?

Written by Sarah Bella on August 16, 2013

How old are your ears? That’s the question being asked and answered over at YouTube by AsapSCIENCE, with a video that can test how well your ears are performing for your age with just some headphones and a net connection.

The video plays a bunch of high-pitched frequencies, starting from 8,000 Hz, which anybody without hearing impairment should be able to hear and then raising the bar all the way up until 19,000 Hz, which is pretty much reserved for those under the age of 20. The test will let you know what age your hearing level corresponds with and gives you some handy scientific facts about why high-pitched noises are the first to go as your hearing fails.

As the video tells us, the inner ear doesn’t have the ability to regenerate, so this is probably a good time for the average gig-goer and music lover to find out if they’re doing damage before it’s too late. Just pop your headphones in and be sure to set the definition to 1080p to get the proper results.

Listen: How Old Are Your Ears?

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