AC/DC Perform In Brisbane, 12.11.15 / Photo: Rebecca Reid

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Says We Took Live Music For Granted Before COVID-19

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is missing live music, big time, and reckons we all probably took going to gigs for granted before the pandemic hit.

Chatting with Joe Walsh’s Old Fashioned Rock N’ Roll Radio Show, Johnson spoke about how he’s been going during the coronavirus crisis.

“I think it’s made us realise how much we took for granted,” he said.

“When you’ve gone to a gig or something and you hear somebody hit that guitar, like your good self, and just knock the snot out of it and you just get that shiver down your back.

“Now when you hear a band start up, hearing the live music — I think that’s a big miss for everybody.”

The singer hasn’t performed with AC/DC since he departed mid-tour in 2016 amid revelations he was suffering from hearing loss. He was replaced on that tour by Axl Rose.

Before the pandemic hit, it was rumoured that Johnson would be rejoining AC/DC for a stadium tour around the world.

The singer had reportedly been working on a new album with the band, and was set to return to the stage fitted with a special device to prevent further hearing loss.

“Brian has been working on special in-ears made for his performances so that he can continue to perform without causing any more damage to his hearing than he already has,” said a source.

Listen to ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC below:

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