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Metallica Talk ‘Through The Never’ At Comic Con, New Trailer Released

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 22, 2013

Taking the floor at San Diego’s legendary Comic Con, Metallica members and actor Dane DeHaan have explained in some lengths what we can expect from their forthcoming 3D feature film Through The Never. The project is sounding like an ambitious piece of filmmaking but as drummer Lars Ulrich has explained, this isn’t the first time a movie of this nature has been made.

Speaking at the convention, Ulrich points to Led Zeppelin’s 1976 feature film The Song Remains The Same as inspiration. Whilst the two are completely different animals, the drummer insists there are points of similarity, which makes their mission statement clearer:

“There are four members in Led Zeppelin, four members in Metallica, it’s a full-length movie, and there’s a lot in this film that does not take place onstage. The major difference is that the stuff that takes place offstage in the Metallica movie does not feature any members of Metallica. It’s two separate worlds — a Metallica show and a story that unfolds in a parallel universe — and at some point they intertwine.”

In an interview with, lead actor Dave DeHaan has provided a somewhat more of a relevant description of the film and its plot:

“It’s, in a way, like a 3D concert movie but there’s also this narrative that ties together all the footage. It’s gonna be, first of all, really rock and roll and really ‘Metallica,’ for lack of a better word; they don’t hold back at all. But during the concert, I basically go on this trip as a roadie for the band and I pretty much literally have to go through hell and back to take it back to them, and all of this is going on during the concert, so it all ties together really kind of beautifully and uniquely. It’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before; it’s almost like a concert movie meets ‘The Wall’ meets Metallica.”

The band have kept things on a big scale for this film. Not only have they enlisted the help of Predators filmmaker Nimród Antal and Journey To The Center Of The Earth producer Charlotte Huggins, but the film will also be showing at IMAX. The film will premiere exclusively at North American IMAX’s for it’s first week from Friday, 27th September before being shipped off to addition cinemas throughout October.

Check out some Comic Con interviews and the official trailer below and get ready for an adventure through the looking glass that’s heavier than ever.

(Via Blabbermouth)

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