Metallica & Beatles Mashup Act BEATALLICA Are Releasing A New Album

This is just a friendly reminder that a Metallica & Beatles mash-up band called BEATALLICA exists and they’re about to drop their first new album in eight years.

For those playing catch-up, BEATALLICA formed in 2001 and have carved out a niche for themselves by covering The Beatles in the style of Metallica, creating mash-up albums with such inspired titles as Abbey Load and Sgt Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band, which contain songs like ‘Leper Madonna’, ‘Gotta Get You Trapped Under Ice’, ‘The Thing That Should Not Let It Be’ and of course, ‘Hey Dude’.

That may sound like a legal minefield and it sure is – the BEATALLICA dudes have faced the wrath of many a label lawyer in their time but, as reported by NPR, the mash-up act have done such an impressive job over the course of their career that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich himself has offered to cover all their future legal costs.

Anyway, the details surrounding the satirical shredders’ new LP are pretty slim at the moment, but according to Blabbermouth the yet-to-be-named follow up to 2013’s Abbey Load will be dropping some time this year via Metal Assault Records.

Tide yourself over by blasting the BEATALLICA classic ‘Hey Dude’ below.

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