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Protest The Hero Release Finger Puppet ‘Underbite’ Music Video

Written by Tom Williams on November 9, 2013

Upholding their tradition of unorthodox music videos, Canadian progressive metal outfit Protest The Hero have released a finger-puppet music video for Underbite, in celebration of the release of their fourth studio album Volition.

The video follows the story of a finger puppet who becomes disillusioned with a lip-syncing band by the name of INH. Discussing the new video, Protest The Hero have said:

“When we brought up the idea of a full-blown puppet video to our friend/directer Marc, he laughed in our faces. He continued laughing for weeks until he remembered that a friend of his knew how to make wonderful little paper puppets. That’s when he got serious. 
He took on the idea with every bit of his creative being, and this is the result.”

Back in January Protest The Hero admitted that working with their new material was “more challenging than ever before”. The band also recently announced the addition of new drummer Mike Ieradi, following the departure of long-time member Moe Carlson.

Volition is out now via Caroline, but Music Feeds readers can stream the entire album right here. Oh, and definitely check out the entertainingly weird Underbite video below as well.

Watch: Protest The Hero – Underbite

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