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Queens Of The Stone Age Drop New Head-Scratcher

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 12, 2013

Queens Of The Stone Age are adamant on wigging out fans as much as possible with the promo for their forthcoming album. The more updates are drip-fed through to us, the more confusing – and therefore exciting – it gets. The latest update from the QOTSA camp was sent through to Kerrang magazine, and looks more like a letter from the Zodiac killer than anything else.

The concept of time, the number 9 and a font looking like something out of Se7en are themes that also appeared in the first riddle, posted through to Mojo magazine, and the second cryptic letter, which was sent through to Uncut. The content of the text itself might actually blow up your mind, so be careful with that.

The number 9 is the most obvious motif, with previous letters mentioning referencing ‘999’. If you look closely, you’ll see that some of the watches on the below severed arm depict 9 o’clock and 9:99. But whatever the hell this means is beyond us.

What we CAN tell you is that the album will feature Dave Grohl, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and – totally out of left field – Elton John but we are yet to know an album name or even an official release date.

QOTSA are clearly masters of suspense and probably won’t end our suffering much before the album is released, but stay tuned to MF for any other cryptic updates the band has in store. Check out the full message below. (Via Anti-Quiet)


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