Billy Goat and the Mongrels – EP

Like a soundtrack to the making of a hangover, local weirdos Billygoat and the Mongrels open proceedings on their EP with the seedy restraint of ‘Genie’. Its sick-bed vocals, progressively increased wailing of guitars and horns combine to form just a prelude of what’s to come on the second track ‘Mean Old Feeling’, in which the singer gets nasty and the band’s only option is to up the ante and propel momentum before he breaks something.

Third tune, ‘Diamonds’ happily finds its feminine side – albeit with holes in its stockings, as the temporarily femme-fronted Mongrels successfully regain some tipsy decorum. ‘Elephant Farm’ sees the male vocals return one step closer to chaos and for some reason I’m thinking about monkeys, clowns and shit. Must be the anarchic circus feel it has going on – unless there was something hallucinogenic in my lunch. Closing this five-track EP is ‘In the Rain’, their most acoustic offering yet, retreating to a more considered bedside manner and a nice nanny nap. After this it’s suddenly game over as you wonder what the hell just happened.

Do play again, but don’t wonder why. It’s that kind of record.

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