Mark Wilkinson – Cellophane Life

Now Mark Wilkinson is not going to be pushing any boundries with his music. What he will push is the buttons of fans of laid-back acoustic pop.

Cellophane Life is a touching and soulful album. Wilkinson leads the listener through tales of passion and honesty tied up in the world around him.

He has racked up an impressive amount of achievements behind his belt, including supporting Damien Leith, Sarah Mcleod, Marcia Hines, Diesel and Mark Seymour.

It’s no surprise as this album exhibits all the hallmarks of an artist with a dedication to professionalism and making music, which strikes people at their emotional core.

Lead single and title track Cellophane Life is a fine example of Wilkinson’s high level of sophistication as a songwriter, with richly crafted melodies and arrangements painting a stunning sonic picture.

He will be touring the east coast in November in support of his single, with a national tour in February 2009 for the release of his debut album. Currently playing shows in Europe including a showcase at PopKomm, be sure to keep an ear out for Mark if you’re a fan of an easy listen.

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