Pusha T

Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
November 25, 2011

Pusha T has come a long way in this rap game. From Grindin, hits out with super producer Pharrell, The Neptunes and his double act group the Clipse, to Re-Upping with his crew. Even without his twin, Pusha T still has clips worth of lyrical ammunition and plenty of one-liner malice (on the track Blow Pusha explains his brother Malice “found the Lord”). This time last year this rap pusher was signed by Kanye West’s ‘G.O.O.D. Music’ imprint along with Mos Def and others, and what resulted was some great album features (Runaway, So Appalled) and some gracious free ‘G.O.O.D. Friday’ gift downloads (Looking For Trouble, Christian Dior Denim Flow and Christmas In Harlem).

Kanye brought out the best of Pusha, or at least showed the whole world just how good he is. West and T rhymed so much and well together that they could be the ones ‘watching the throne’ and releasing a collabo album together. Still, now Pusha is pushing a sequel EP (Fear of God II: Let Us Pray) to his independent album as his first release on Kanye’s label. A release of hardcore hip hop heaven that should put the fear in the rap competition, leaving them on their knees.

What better way to start off an album but with a Diddy-assisted big record. Changing of the Guards boasts a game-changing sound and artist. While the amazing collaboration with Young Jeezy and Yeezy, Kanye West gives us everything rap fans have prayed for in Amen. The Neptunes produced single Trouble on My Mind featuring Tyler, the Creator is a great blend of new artist/underground artist coming up big, while this song also serves as a great reunion between Pusha and Pharrell.

What Dreams are Made Of is the solo track this new solo artist has been waiting for. With no guest appearances, he shows he’s one of the best lyricists with a crowning outcome. Then the collaborations re-up with Juicy J, Meek Mill & French Montana adding some Body Work to this album. The new artist French Montana translates onto Everything that Glitters as well adding some gold to the track. So Obvious and Feeling Myself keep the mid-section of the album tight with even tighter rhymes.

Things get louder and prouder with the 50 Cent featured Raid with Pharrell. My God sends this album even higher before crew member Ab-Liva and Maybach Man Rick Ross keep it lyrically rocking on I Still Wanna. Pusha saves one of his best for last with the bright lyrics of Alone In Vegas: a track that’s a mix of grit and flash like the song’s video in sin city. All in all, going solo was a gamble for Pusha but he’s showed it’s paid off to a tee. Thank the rap god’s for this one. Amen. TIM DAVID HARVEY .