Queens Of The Stone Age – Q.O.T.S.A

Queens of the Stone Age came to life out of the ashes of the almighty Kyuss. Josh Homme created a sonic ensemble built around his crafty riffs and bass driven boom that would become the bands signature for the next decade.

Their debut album has been given the reissue makeover complete with digital re-mastering and bonus tracks from the sessions.

This is where the genius of Josh Homme began to shine and his legacy was born.

This album still provides those warm fuzzy, bass end riffs for stoners to enjoy after punching their fifth cone but also enough groove and charisma to be radio friendly. Regular John and You Would Know combine those two elements. Josh’s voice has always been a standout.

Harmonic as it floats above the chunky riffs underneath. For my mind The Bronze and Mexicola are the standouts.

The bonus tracks have merit themselves. Following the same path as the 11 tracks that made the original cut Give The Mule What He Wants, Spiders And Vinegaroons and I Was A Teenage Hand Model are good songs, but worthy has B-sides.

And this is where, once again I have to concede defeat to Josh Homme. I don’t know why I have this natural urge to hate this band so much because I am always impressed by them. It’s a love/hate relationship between me and Queens of the Stone Age. You’d think I’d get over it now after 13 years.

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